2021 The Swarm (Tipping Point) –

2020 The Swarm (Change Up) – Abby, Athena, John, Claudia and Mateo

2018 The Swarm (Turning Point) – Bryce, Alex and Jenny

Create U.S. Open Robotics Championship Qualifier
Tournament Champions – Southern Iowa Vex Tournament

2017 The Swarm (In the Zone) – Trenton, Jordan, Jarred and Josh

Robot Skills Finalist – MOQ Mustang VEX Skills Challenge
Tournament Champions – LPS Tournament

2016 Point Blank Jackets (Starstruck) – Tucker, Trenton and Jordan

2015 Point Blank Jackets (Nothing But Net) – Tucker

Tournament Champions – Elkhorn HS VRC Tournament
Robot Skills Champion – Western Iowa Pwnament

2014 (Skyrise) Point Blank Jackets – Ernie and Tucker